‚ÄčDesign and fabrication:

medical device.

Manufacturing lines:

custom process equipment; automation assembly; discrete assembly.

Process design:

assembly technologies.

Production studies:

LEAN Manufacturing; design for manufacturability.

Industrial design:

plant layout, time studies, logistics optimization, space optimization, packaging designs.

Specialized Environments:

controlled environments, clean rooms, biological hoods, custom HEPA design, supply and install HEPA fans.

Project Engineering and Supervision:

Systems Engineering, Integration, Test (SEIT).


process control, machine design, equipment layout.

Visit our Technical Division's page for a comprehensive list of our technical skills (engineers, microbiologists, scientists).

A comprehensive menu of our PRODUCTION skills

We manufacture medical device in our class 10K cleanroom and production lab as well as produce specialty chemistries for the healthcare industries (medical, dental and animal care). 

Our core competencies support manufacturing your product at our facility or designing a manufacturing facility for you to assist in establishing your own production facility in accordance with FDA regulation.