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TG Labs achieved a remarkable milestone by navigating the FDA regulatory landscape for 64 products, ensuring successful compliance and market clearance. We are able to support your project through focused core competencies in the pharma, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmetics industries. The following are samples of projects that we have successfully completed.

"Subject: Exceptional Experience with TG Labs

I am writing on behalf of PFTH, LLC to express our utmost satisfaction and appreciation for the outstanding services provided by TG Labs. As a customer, our experience with TG Labs has been nothing short of exceptional.

From the initial consultation to the final delivery, TG Labs demonstrated a level of professionalism and expertise that surpassed my expectations. The team at TG Labs exhibited a deep understanding of our needs and challenges, offering innovative solutions that were tailored to our specific requirements.

What sets TG Labs apart is not only their technical proficiency but also their commitment to customer satisfaction. Throughout the entire process, the team maintained clear and open communication, ensuring that we were informed and involved every step of the way. This transparency and responsiveness fostered a collaborative and trusting relationship.

The quality of the final products delivered by TG Labs exceeded our expectations. Their attention to detail, thorough testing processes, and commitment to delivering a flawless solution truly set them apart in the industry. It is evident that TG Labs prioritizes excellence and strives to deliver solutions that make a tangible impact.

In addition to their technical prowess, the team at TG Labs impressed me with their dedication to timelines and project deadlines. They demonstrated a keen sense of urgency without compromising the quality of their work, ensuring that our project was completed on schedule.

We wholeheartedly recommend TG Labs to anyone seeking top-notch cGMP and FDA technical solutions, formulation work and services. Their combination of technical expertise, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction makes them a standout choice in the industry. We  look forward to a long and profitable business relationship with TG Labs in the future.

Thank you, TG Labs, for your outstanding service and for exceeding our expectations."

Dr. Brian J Huber; CEO/President of Patient Focused TeleHealth, LLC

"While Jack works as an integral part of our management team, he also provides a ‘third party’ perspective that often reminds us what is possible and supports the strength of working as a team with many professionals and individual skills. The bottom line is: Our projects are just better when TG Labs is part of our team.

I’d recommend him to anyone who needs specific technological support for those complicated projects that need experienced ‘smart people’ working to develop a strategy that brings about results in a timely manner, consistent with goals and objectives, focused on a successful outcome."
Ken Elliott - President, Fidelis Environmental Risk Management Corp. (full recommendation available upon request).

"Jack Mathews and his engineering team at TG Labs have done an amazing job of designing and re-engineering our Pulsed Low Level Laser therapy devices. The precision and range of the pulsed frequency they were able to achieve has significantly improved the therapeutic quality of our instruments."
Dr. Gerry Graham III - President, LazrPulsr System

"T.G.Labs was retained for a fairly complex and confidential fluid dynamics modeling problem. Their understanding of the issues and ability to bring appropriate skill set on a timely manner in a very low budget situation was phenomenal. Their network of technical professionals, as well as project planning and execution methodologies was impressive. I would highly recommend T.G Labs for technical as well as project management services."
Ashok Dhruv - President, Ashok Dhruv LLCType your paragraph here.

Pharma:  Tetracyline Ointmnet; Dermal Therapy Diabetic Wound Treatment; Terbinafine Ointment; Biovanta Step 1&2 Antiviral; Biovanta Lozenges

Nutraceutical and Dietary: Biovanta Antiviral; Biovanta Immunity


Cosmetic: Scarlight Skin Lightening Treatment; Scarguard Scar Treatment; Pinch Provisions Dry Shampoo; TG Labs Hand Sanitizer; Calm Skin Treatment

Infection Control: One Tab Presoak Enzymatic Cleaner, Sink Side Soak Enzymatic Cleaner, Flex Sink Side Enzymatic Cleaner; Medical Swabstick Disinfectant

Medical Device: Urolift Protrate Treatment Device, Lazr Pulser Therapeutic Device

Dental: Sinsational Smile Teeth Whitening Treatment, Sinsational Smile Teeth Whitening Pens;