the methods we use

       We thrive on innovation

Most engineering designs need to be realized in a manufacturing environment. TG Labs' experience and expertise in research, design and manufacturing ensures your project meets specifications, is custom designed, if that's your need and delivers a quality product with sensitivity to cost.

Organizations need to be flexible and nimble to exceed the competitive demands of the ever changing market place. Our team strives to create an environment where you can realize your concepts, thereby outsmarting your competition and increasing your bottom line. We thrive in innovation.

TG Labs is a privately owned company, registered and in good standing in the State of Colorado.

      proven methods

Project Management

Projects need management and they need to be delivered on time and within budget. We manage key attributes of your project through a statement of need, concept of operations, architecture – internal and external, high level requirements list, detailed requirements, risk analysis, traceability, test design and testing and creation of document-history/device-history records. This system is called SEIT (Systems, Engineering, Integration and Test).

Protocol Development

Specialized chemical processes require exacting protocol development. TG Labs uses proven methods to create protocols that reduce complexity and help workers meet specifications and requirements of test and method. We have developed protocols in chemical, biochemical, material science sectors and life sciences using the latest technology to ensure data and results. 

Process Design, Analysis and Documentation

TG Labs designs processes for special purposes. Our designs are typically simplified making them scalable and reproducible. We understand regulatory processes and document accordingly.


LEAN and Six Sigma

Product Development

SEIT for engineering

Project flow Stage Gate process

Equipment Service

Equipment Commissioning and Maintenance
Modern process equipment has a sizable price tag attached to it. Our team is able to provide safe commissioning and after install service to ensure your investment is protected, thereby minimizing the impact on your production.

TG Labs/Client Communication During Projects

Our organizations communicate with clients during the project phase using a tool called Basecamp to facilitate documented and precise communication between the two. Basecamp is a web-based project-management tool that offers to-do lists, wiki-style web-based text documents, milestone management, file sharing, time tracking, and a messaging system. It is an effective method of collaboration and communication. 

The TG Labs Process

Review the Power Point below to see how we arrive at the precise application of your concept.