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Customer testimonials

"While Jack works as an integral part of our management team, he also provides a ‘third party’ perspective that often reminds us what is possible and supports the strength of working as a team with many professionals and individual skills. The bottom line is: Our projects are just better when TG Labs is part of our team.

I’d recommend him to anyone who needs specific technological support for those complicated projects that need experienced ‘smart people’ working to develop a strategy that brings about results in a timely manner, consistent with goals and objectives, focused on a successful outcome."
Ken Elliott - President, Fidelis Environmental Risk Management Corp. (full recommendation available upon request).

"Jack Mathews and his engineering team at TG Labs have done an amazing job of designing and re-engineering our Pulsed Low Level Laser therapy devices. The precision and range of the pulsed frequency they were able to achieve has significantly improved the therapeutic quality of our instruments."
Dr. Gerry Graham III - President, LazrPulsr System

"T.G.Labs was retained for a fairly complex and confidential fluid dynamics modeling problem. Their understanding of the issues and ability to bring appropriate skill set on a timely manner in a very low budget situation was phenomenal. Their network of technical professionals, as well as project planning and execution methodologies was impressive. I would highly recommend T.G Labs for technical as well as project management services."
Ashok Dhruv - President, Ashok Dhruv LLCType your paragraph here.

successful Projects

TG Labs is able to support your project through focused core competencies in the healthcare, pharma and specialty chem. fields. The following is a sample of projects that we have successfully completed.